Elli - furniture decor for IKEA Ivar cabinet (produced on order)

- Includes (2) WHITE panels.

- Decor measures: 38,2 x 81,9 cm 

- Adhesive tape  on the back for quick application

- The delivery time depends on whether the product is in stock, please contact us for estimated delivery time. 

- The decor can be painted.

* Furniture is not included

*Fits IVAR canbinet size 80 x 30 x 83 cm and  80 x 50 x 83 cm.

If you have chosen to mount your decor on a painted furniture or directly on Ivar cabinets or Tarva chest of drawers / bedside tables  you may need to use glue to help the decor to fit properly. Select a glue for laminate / wood on the construction store and glue small dots on some parts of the back (directly on the tape) and attach the decor. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding drying time etc.

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100.44 EUR