Step 1. Clean and dry

For strong adhesion, the contact surface must be thoroughly clean and dry. Begin by wiping your furniture with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Wipe the water with a dry clean cloth or let air dry.

Step 2. Remove protective paper and fasten

Remove the protective paper from the tape on the back of the decor.
Place the decor in place and press. The decor will be attached directly so make sure you put it in the correct position.
If the decor has to be adjusted, drag it slowly and very carefully and apply again.

Steg 3. Admire your new furniture

Send us some pictures ( and tag us at Instagram ( so that we can admire your work!

If you have chosen to apply your decor on a painted furniture or directly on the Tarva chest of drawers/bedside table and IVAR cabinet (made out of wood ) then you will need to use glue to help the decor to fit properly. Select a glue for laminate / painted or wooden surfaces at the construction store and glue small dots on some parts of the back (directly on the tape), apply the decor and follow the manufacturer's instructions for drying time etc.


The decor can be used as they are (white) or you can paint them with acrylic paint (also called latex paint) without having using a primer. Note that oil-based paint can not be used!

Step 1. Clean the decor

Thoroughly clean the decor with water. Let dry.

Step 2. Place the decor on a protected surface

Place the decor on a clean, flat work surface, such as a piece of cardboard or similar.

Step 3. Paint

You do not need to use a primer but can start painting directly with any acrylic paint (water based). Use a small foam roller or spray paint for best results. If the paint flows out at the edges, take some fine sandpaper and grind the paint before adding next layer.

You need a small brush to access the edges of the decor,
Follow the instructions on the paint can / spray can, as well as the drying time that applies to the color you have chosen.

Once the paint has dried, follow the instructions above for how to apply the decor!


With adhesive tape, the decor attaches directly to both indoor and outdoor applications. You avoid strong smelling glue that drops and dries.

It also means your furniture decor are ready to apply immediately. Simple right?

If for some reason you want to use glue, let us know when you place your order. Notify us that you wish to decorate without double sided tape in the message box. We recommend using a glue specially designed for the material. Ask your builders shop and always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.